5 Oct 2011

Spring and Summer

Being in a country such as this, (Kenya) is quite challenging for fashion. Truth is, we have more dust than pavements, more people traffic than available transport and even more fierce weather, that is, Summer or Spring (read scalding hot sun and freezing temperatures- it is either cold or hot) There is no ''Fall'' or ''winter'' but Chezza and I are on agree to disagree terms on this. So with 2 calender seasons that are relentless, fashion in this country should be unique. Shouldn't it? 
Well, I stumbled upon Lalesso, a perfect spring summer collection and its totally African certified! Such a coincidence since its Summer here.
Using lesso (not the rope kind) and Khanga material Oliva Kennaway and Alice Heusser inspired by Lamu island, Kenya (holla!) have crafted designs that are perfect for our summers and springs. At last, Fashion meets African practicality!
Loving the light, flowy fabrics, simple designs and those toned down beachy colours that are just the perfect, easy going, Kenyan summer feel.

All pictures from LaLesso. This is their spring/summer 2011 collection

The shoot is in Kenya by the way, so if you have never been here, Get packing!
Nairobi stockists: Marula studios, Karen
Mombasa stockists: The Little shop, Diani
Visit the link to know where else they stock their stuff, especially if you are not Kenyan.

- Annie

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