9 Feb 2013

Sauti Sol; Love me or Leave

What the fleck is up with the Heat? Seriously, its like a bajilion degrees outside (hold your horses geeks i know its not possible) it should not even be called Summer, more like Time to Melt your Face off season... Fry season; extremely crispy.

Yeah, so that Revlon Bar trip was for nothing because the Junction bar was not operational when I got there but I was informed that the Westgate bar was, however, that was a trip so deliciously far I skipped out, I'm not blaming anyone *cough HEAT* but I decided it was better to post pone it till later, these days if your walking around better to have one location than many to hit up at once.

So today is a Music Post! YAY!

And to start off our comeback what better way to start off than with the new Sauti Sol (I say new because they have undergone a complete Metamorphosis) with their song; Love me or Leave me.

What an image change right? Sauti Sol seem to have changed their entire look almost overnight, I really like

how they seem more mature and sophisticated than before I don't know about you but I really like this song and video except for the part where they appear to be eating raw fish but hey, whatever right?

7 Feb 2013


Sooooo... this is kinda awkward
I think we have been off air for like what, um.. three, five maybe six months and that is horrible, absolutely horrible but, as you know me (Annie) and Chezza had just graduated from high school/ pre-college, argh! whatever, and were preparing to go to university so busy does not even begin to describe the past year.

But we are back-ish cause Chezza's just started school, HUZZZAH! and i'm pretty sure is super busy. I have like 2 and a half months (hopefully) so i'm the free one!

Anyway we are still planning some epic stuff to come your way which we won't mention this year but here's a hint, Fashion!  mwahahaha! Yeah, that was kind of obvious but, its the best I can do for now. Also you will also realize a change in fashion reporting. Because fashion is such a cool part of our lives it was impossible not to blog about the culture that comes with it in terms of music, art, lifestyle, so the hiatus really served as a reflection on what we need to change, so if you are into art, music, subcultures and the like then Ta Da! you have found a home here :)

Now to some fashion news,

The Revlon Bar in Nakumatt, Click to read more at Capital news


Yup that's right the super uber cool New York makeup brand has recently opened up a Revlon bar in Nairobi in conjunction with Nakumatt who as far as I can tell is planning on turning into a department store, (congrats Nakumatt!) they also are planning on releasing more cosmetic brands this year for their cosmetic department which I am so stoked about. Do I see your lovely lipsticks Cover Girl or your awesome nail polish O.P.I?

Hands up if you are extremely excited by this development, I haven't seen the bar yet but i'm heading to the Junction today so hopefully i'll will see this marvelous, wondrous, goodness, Om Nom Nom!! Maybe buy something?
Have you seen it yet? If so what do you think of it?

Keep you Posted!


6 Dec 2012

Solange - Loosing You

Solange is officially sublime. One of my coolest friends showed this video to me (thank you Maya, for helping me keep up with music). Her little dances and the styling of this video just do it for me. Plus look at that hair!

...Yeah, so I haven't been blogging enough these days but that should change in a month or five. I promise it's with good reason :)

Have a lovely weekend!

Ps: It was shot in Cape Town!
- Chezza

9 Nov 2012

Daydream Nation- Princess Chelsea, Cigarette Duet

This video is not the usual generic stuff, ( oh how I can hear the resounding accusation that i'm a hipster) but I love it! At first you may be like, um, woah what the Santa Claus but hang in there, its actually quite awesome and the message at the end of the video is so funny.

I absolutely adore Princess Chelsea, and this duet is so adorable (see what I did there, hardy har!) and this song just gets stuck in your head. Warning Earworm!

Here is New Zealand lady, Princess Chelsea with The Cigarette Duet.


6 Nov 2012

Save the Date: FAFA 2012

... and the fashion continues, FAFA is back, this November 17th and looking at the lineup this year I am super excited for the show. I love  Gloria Wavamuno from Uganda and cant wait to see what she showcases and FAFA insight emerging designers competition designer Jamil Walji.
Here is a line up of the Kenyan Designers showing:

Anna Adero

Blackbird Jeans
Deepa Dosaja

Embody Accessories
Jamhuri Wear
John Kaveke
Monica Kanari
Riri Jewelery
And a few designers from the continent:

B’ExotiQ (Ghana)
Gloria Wavamunno (Uganda)
Mudi Africa (Nigeria)
Zekaryus Solomon (Eritrea/UK)

I know, I mean amazing right... though, (cough, cough) if I went for this i'd be set back a few thousands, WHY!! #helplessness but we will be blogging about this through pictures from other sources. Life of a recessionist.