28 Nov 2011

Japanese Awesomeness

About 2 months ago for my 18th birthday, after much debate and being swooned over by a good friend about the place, I chose Haru to celebrate with a bunch of friends over a good dinner. It was sublime, it was small (sorta) and intimate. The sushi and sashimi were just so good I could taste the sea, man, it felt like I swimming with them! It really transports you there.

 I ordered a Butterfly roll, which had eel (or unagi as they call it)! At first I thought that wasn't very bright (I mean when you hear of an eel you don't think 'Food!') but it was so yummmmm!

Njambi and Eva! Eva's probably gonna become one of the stars of the blog if we put up one more picture of her.

Nyambura and Annie!
Fellow Kenyans for any of you that didn't know already, Eat Out Kenya is pretty wicked. Here's why:

Reason #1 They handled everything! My sister made the reservations for 20 poeple but we were pretty unsure because only 5 had confirmed when we did, But they had no problem with that, which means less stress. Booking is GOOD, people. When we got there (an hour late, but they didn't mind) it was pretty packed but our table had been reserved hence we just walked passed the crowd at the bar place and went straight to our tables. Like a Boss. Thus walking in like I own the place + less stress = 3 stars

Reason #2 They passed on my sisters number to the restaurant, after which they called back (saving credit). Thus walking in like I own the place + very little stress + saved credit = 5 stars

Reason #3 Every time you make a reservation you get points which when totaled earn you a free lunch, yes FREE food/ discounts wherever you like! Thus walking in like I own the place + very little stress + saved credit + potential free food = 10 billion stars!

Ps: I swear I am not advertising, I just love service at a 110% so thumbs up to them.

- Chezza

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