9 Nov 2011

A Summers Affair

So, there i was shopping in Westlands, when I stumbled on to this underground store called MYNX...
My reaction? Hallelujah!! (insert shiny light and intense orchestral composition) It's a store that knows exactly what the customer wants. Of course at the moment I was a little strapped for cash but i thought of YOU, the reader who would like to shop without constantly being told that '' It will be KeS 10,000 m'aam'' and decided that, a photo shoot should do to spread the word of this little angel store with fairy godmother prices that is, Easy On The Purse :) 

Chezza and I organized the shoot and this is what we got.

Last of the summers affair....

Quiet afternoons are spent far away in the mind, thinking of nothing in particular.

We idle in our refuge,

We try with the little we can, to seep up the summers' fading glory and store it in the nooks and crannies of our memory box and dream of it in the winter time, welcome it like a long lost friend...so much to do, so little time

To make the most of it takes a little edge!

Why not spend the fading rays and days on contemplation with a friend,

And tell the secrets of our lives that summer and reminiscing on days to come... 

As quietly as it arrived, it slowly drifted away like a dream, a momentary mirage, ending in a perfect twilight...

1 & 2: Floral corset dress Ksh 3800  , Cocktail ring Ksh 1500
3: Black cocktail dress Ksh 3800  ,
4: Black floral print dress Ksh 3800    ,
5. Grey encrusted dress Ksh 3800   , Black over-size dress Ksh 3800  ,
6. Tie die purple and black dress Ksh 3800
7. Cocktail rings Ksh1500
Shoes and Accessories by Annie and Chezza

Pictures by Joe Lukhovi
Style and concept by Annie and Chezza
Hair and Makeup by Chezza and Annie
Clothes by Mynx - Westlands mansions shop 109
                              Contact: 0701103240
I hope this was convincing enough, so run on down to the store and shop, shop, shop!
Well that's from us!

- Annie and Chezza


  1. Chezza and Annie These pics are AWESOME and so are the outfits!!!!!