2 Feb 2012

Designer Diaries: Sika Designs

Once again i shall entrance you with my knowledge on African designers and you shall go forth and boast of your knowledge. I accept your gratitude.
Here is the second part in this series and this month we are focusing on SIKA DESIGNS.

Blossom Collection, Autumn/Winter

Blossom collection
 I know... wow! These pieces are incredibly simple but make such a statement and this can be attributed to the lovely designer behind this collection: PHYLLIS TAYLOR. This brand is a UK based Ghanaian fashion house, they have only just opened shop in the lively city of Accra in Ghana. They pride themselves on drawing their inspirations from the rich culture and diversity of Ghana in West Africa.
The design house has made a name for themselves in the international market being featured in Marie Claire,
Japan Vogue, Grazia just to name a few. Phyllis' work has graced catwalks and amazing receptions from the crowd and reviews prove the masterpiece her work really is.

Blossom Collection
 All images from Shadders blog. Go to Sika's website to check out her previous work.
PS. i could add more pics but i am afraid i will add all of them.
Keep you posted!
- Annie

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