12 Feb 2012

Feeling like this cat right about now.

Lately the blog has been pushed to the back burner of my life. Anyway this won't last for long (hopefully another month or too before I'm back to blabbering on expressing my love for anything and everything). My mind has really just been complete chaos for the last two weeks. There's SO much to do. Everything from starting an account for the blog, to completing my university applications has been piling up on my shoulders. To top it all off, my laptop screen is going to be amputated (a part of me dies a little everytime I say that). Unless another exact screen is located or its warranty is found then there really isn't any hope for it :(
Anyone willing to donate a 14inch pavillion screen? ... In the meantime I'll have to survive on my iPod and the dusty, antisocial* family computer. No joke, it rejects CD's, social sites do not load AND the USB ports are dead.

Aside from that the world just lost another legend. I wish I knew more about her. Sleep well Whitney.

On the up and up, PUPPIES! My little Scrufs is the father to six little spitz-mix boys! (which I will take photos of as soon as my laptop comes back). For now I'll close with another Attack of the Cute

This is sort of what they look like.

Have a loevly week!
- Chezza

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