11 Apr 2012

The Fashion Cafe- How it went down

So if you are like me and live off videos of events that you could have attended but didn't because the planets were aligned against you, I am your self appointed... well blogger (no appropriate word here) who will take you through the events. Last weekend was the Fashion cafe and it was a mind blowing awesome event.

Any way here is the scoop, fashion freaks

Fashion It- girls and guys made their appearances from the models of modelling agency Strut it Afrika, Former supermodel Bidanya Barasa and fashions most scouted muse, the fashionable Nick Mutuma! I so wish i was there and the tickets were not 1500/=  I am a student for crying out loud! Slumming it is part of the package. Holler if you agree.
I mean how glamorous right?  So jelling geez...

Keep you posted!
- Annie

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