5 Apr 2012


Guess who made it to Vogue Italia? ...no, seriously, guess who?! Imma tell you anyways :)
Poisa did! Oh yeah!

Can't believe I didn't hear about it till yesterday when Annie told me. According to Vogue.it, (shame on me for not knowing), Franca Sozzani, editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia, is travelling around our beautiful continent looking for talented designers. It's part of her goal to introduce African products to European markets. Just imagine how awesome it would be if lets say, you go to uni in the UK or Italy and you don't have to wait till the holidays to get your hands on a pair of earrings or a dress by a local designer. If you couldn't tell that makes me all too excited!

All images via Google and Vogue.it

In the post she mentions both John Kaveke and Patricia Mbela. I'm so happy both designers were recognised by a Vogue Veteran (you got a better word?), who also happens to be one I genuinely really like. I really think this could be another step towards better recognition from the Fashion world of our country and continent as a whole.

Do I see a Swahili Vogue in the future perhaps? Don't be cynical, think about it. Why not?

- Chezza

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