30 Oct 2012

Lagos Fashion Week- Menswear Focus

Where European, American fashion weeks reign supreme in the fashion world, underrated fashion weeks in the world go on with spectacular shows rarely reported on internationally, specifically in Africa.
If you are within the international community, you may not know that this is Africa's (unofficial) fashion season; from Nigeria to first timers, Ghana and the obviously well known Mercedes Benz South Africa Fashion Week.
Yes, its a lovely time.

Though I decided to do things differently, I really love men's fashion I do and I applaud the revolution its going through at the moment (in case you don't know the Revolution sounds something along the lines of, "LIVE A LITTLE!") So as a strong unrelenting supporter of that cause, I've decided to round up my favourite Menswear line from Lagos fashion and design week (Nigeria)

Kelechi Odu- This line is basically saying relax and I love it, inspired by resort life and Spain (there were *subtle hints of some tassles somewhere) it was one of the more successful Menswear collections of the Lagos season.

Call me a bit biased seeing that I am a self-proclaimed minimalist but, this line was so airy and alluring featuring, clean lines and  neutral tones, a deviation from the popular print and colour pop seen on the runways, it also spoke to my inner bougie (hee hee) due to the luxurious atmosphere it exuded, dare I say Prep Much? On the practicality scale, its hassle free nature is so perfect for our tropical summer (which happily makes victims of heavily clad folk) and makes you sort of wish for your December beach retreat all over again, Classic!

Pics from Lagos Fashion and Design Week

  1. Accessories to a minimum, for simplicity.
  2. Get it Tailored Bond Style, ( Say NO to sloppy hemlines #fashion problems) 
  3. Neutral Colour.
  4. Invest in a pair of tan brown shoes, lets all remember the resounding, together now... LIVE A LITTLE!
  5. Walk like you have wind in your face... Challenge Accepted >:|
All in All it was a great line.

-Keep you posted!


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