10 Oct 2012

Nairobi Fashion Market- Finally!

Having delayed my older sister leaving the house to go to the fashion market because of a fixation on  watching Jimmy Kimmel Experiments on YouTube that involved breaking kids hearts, yeah i'm just that kind of person, I finally got ready and left the house with a pissed off sister, whose friend by the way was waiting on her.

After a series of unfortunate and hilarious events (including being a blogger whose camera pulled a disappearing stunt and coming to the sad conclusion that I would have to use my very unprofessional phone for pictures) we ended up at Impala with my little sister who was forced to attend it with us when my parents picked us up in the blistering heat waiting on a jav...
I must say from the entrance I was a bit discouraged thinking that we would be 5 people at the event,  it was nearly empty despite the numerous cars parked outside, however once inside, I realized that the tents enclosed everyone inside, therefore explaining the apocalyptic feel of the entrance.

Abandoning my older sister and her friend to their own devices my little sister and I hit stall by stall sampling the best Nairobi High street stores had to offer, by saying high street, i mean this was not a Toi Market situation, you don't bargain and everything's either designed or imported, so next time I would advice carrying a cheque book.

I ran into a couple of friends and stood  somewhat dumbfounded at some of the more well known models that were there, i'm talking Susan Anyango and Namnyak. I decided it was better not to go all groupie love and ask for autographs because I already did once with a friend to Namnyak and honestly if I did it again I would just look like a stalker... #here's to keeping a distance!! *awkward laughter*

Overall the event was laid back and calm plus it was bedecked with some seriously stylish people, *sniff sniff*  I was summerged in a fashion dream. I saw Chilli Mango once more and was delighted to meet the Designer because i'm such a fan and I finally bought their Afro chic earrings. I was also excited to see I Love... at the market through a bubbly distributor who had insane discounts I couldn't refuse so I got some lippy and soon i'm gonna get their to-die-for shower gel (yes, i'm obsessed) Anyway, it was easy to deduce that Vintage and Afro Chic took the day and I was stoked to acquire a number of cards for shops that i will be visiting soon.

The show ended with Tujipambe and most importantly a John Kaveke show that included pieces from Swahili Fashion week and London Fashion week... umm yes please!

The event was definitely a must attend I was glad that even though I unfairly made my parents wait in the car so I could finish the Kaveke show, i'm sure they would do it all over again (read, I would) lets just say that I have a collection of vintage accessories from this thing so, to the Nairobi Fashion Market... introduce more months please? Maybe and hopefully, next time Chezza will not be babysitting and bring her dog Scruffy to the event.

Keep you Posted!

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