30 Sep 2011

Birthday (fantasy) Wishlist

Fantasy shopping eh? (haha I think this is the most sadest silly thing I've ever done!) It's my 18th birthday this Sunday (2nd October) and I feel the need to splurge (or have someone else splurge on me, oh yesss!)
In my free time I came up with my fantasy wishlist (well a very Very VERY simplified realistic version).

Reflective Sunglasses as seen on Stockholm Streetstyle (preferably round or aviator)
And lastly very loose wide-leg white kikoi pants with blue detailing

Wow, none of this is realistic, well, except the kikoi pants...BUT you know what? I'm going to save for that watch. You watch me! (haha that was unintentional) $195 now is about what, KES 20,280? (damn) I didn't even type that with a straight face. No, seriously, I need that watch.


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