24 Sep 2011

I think I have a crush on Christopher Bailey

Yeah sure I'm a tad bit late, but the Burberry Prorsum  SS2012 collection was just, just, sublime. Those cute little hats and the belts and the SHOES!!
Isn't it just awesome when designers take your general impression of their staple design element and turn that around, smash that on the ground then show you this other side you'd never have thought existed before? (that made sense, yeah?)  Well, that was my situation about three days ago when I saw images of the latest collection. I tend to have this habit of trying to figure out the signature of certain designers and whatever I come up with sticks in my mind as an expectation. As you could probably have guessed I'm referring to Burberry's trenches and jackets. But this season the fitted structures + the stripes + the leather + the skirt lengths = <3 LOVE <3! There's nothing more to say but Christopher Bailey is genius.

I loved this trench...

...and this skirt!

He had mentioned that his inspiration came from Henry Moore - a British artist - who was inspired by Picasso's painting according to Tim Blanks review of the show. Which brings me to my point, some of those prints look a lot like our very own  lesso's and kanga's!

All images via The Blonde Salad, style.com and Garance Dore

To anyone that might actually be reading this, I was trying so hard not too post EVERY last photo I've seen so far, but how could I resist such loveliness? so forgive me and thank you for making it this far :)

Have a good day!
- Chezza 

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