26 Sep 2011

A moment for Professor Wangari Maathai (updated)

I heard it on the news today morning on X fm. At first I didn't believe until my dad re-affirmed it, apparently a lady he knew mentioned she'd been sick on Saturday. To be honest it is really unfortunate Pachamama (a friends environmental group I'm in) didn't get to meet her and have us share her thoughts and experiences, I suppose she was very busy at the time. I loved that she wouldn't just sit around like most of the people (leaders) in our country tend to do, she actually DID something. I wonder whether we have any more environmental activists in this country willing to go as far as she did. Life can be so short and unforgiving. May she rest in peace.
There's an article on the tribute here.
Pachamama's Facebook page

(updated) Today while arguing about the topic of whether she was more celebrated in death, a friend of mine told me to watch this video. I did. I want to be hummingbird

- Chezza

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