26 Sep 2011

If I were a boy...

I think I'd be Nicholas Wooster, definitely. He's so cool, like a fictional sartorial-badass hero. I'm not even gonna tag him as a Silly Little Freak, he's WAY more cooler than that. I'd love to have as many tattoo's across my arm as he does and not face execution by mother supreme. 

..or Karl Edwin Guerre of  former Swagger 360 now Guerreisms. Sometimes when I look at him, he sort of seems fictional too, like he walked out of a fifties-sixties movie.

Maybe be even Milan Vukmirovic (I kid you not, every time I've googled is his name I've gotten the spelling wrong). I'm sorry, it's a beautiful name though.


PS: As a girl, I still love dressing up as a boy. Fashion is really all about self expression so it really doesn't matter whether you shop in the women's wear section or the men's as long as it makes you feel awesome.

- Chezza


  1. So...this post gave me the strength to ask my dad to wear a waistcoat with his suits for work. he looked so amazing it brought a tear to my eye!! SLF CHANGES LIVES!!

  2. HAHA! SLF changing lives would you look at that! I feel very Oprah