27 Sep 2011

Burberry Crush 2

I know what I said, ''you would get everything posted here from Kenya''. In this case, I lied. C'mon Christopher Bailey totally kills when it comes to fashion; I had to mention him! Burberry Prorsum fall 2011 freaking slapped me in the face! I'm talking menswear!!

With this season of ours (which is acting weirdly, I mean its supposed to be summer!) being unusually cold, I was thinking of posting something to deal with this weather FASHIONABLY and I fell upon this editorial featuring Burberry Prorsum Fall 2011 on GQ Japan.

Trenchcoats! Trenchcoats! Trenchcoats


Look at those shoes they are just badass!

Lets get trenchy people! No sorry that joke was bad on my part. If it even is a joke.

 - Annie


  1. I don't understand how 1 man can find so many awesome ways of doing a trenchcoat!!! (for both men and women) #props Christopher Bailey