17 Sep 2011

When I grow up...

I want to be Garance Dore. She's french!

She started off as an illustrator then found a passion for photography, anything from street-style to editorials.She also does consultations with major brands. The reason why I love her so much isn't mainly in what she does but who she is. She really is as real as many other girls out there, like she once mentioned that she really detests her own pimples and whenever she got the chance she'd check their progress on every relfective surface she came across (which is something so many people are guilty of too). She also had a series of posts on changing lifestyles - not only for self image as most people seem to think - where she also added that diabetes runs in her family (same as mine). She's just so real. I completely feel the same way as Scott Schuman feels in his post about Garance and her ability to see the artistic potential in everything regardless of price.
Okay, yeah, maybe in many peoples situations specifically in our country at the moment, it wouldn't be realistic to spend money on a hat that costs half your salary but why not save up and make a splurge - you'd be comfortable with - on something beautiful that will stay that way for ten years? In the long run it's worth it.

I think I could talk about Garance for days! She IS sublimity!! Maybe in another life we could be very good friends (that's not too much wishful thinking? of-course not!) ha ha

ooh, and the first official post is still to come :)

Images: Google images, The Sartorialist

- Chezza

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