19 Sep 2011

Who the FREAK are we? (we bring you THE First Official Post)

Another fashion blog, what else is new, i mean, here again is another person telling you what to wear, what sucks and quite frankly how cool their fashion taste is... Well... if you are expecting something completely different then sorry nope! so turn back now or better yet send us hate mail, we will gladly appreciate it. However, if you are ultimately interested by our annoyingly infectious overconfident attitude, then continue reading except you.... Serial Killer you! Jog on!
So, Annie and Shazzy or Chezza as i prefer, are two teens (read, not for long) who have an amazing eye for taste and a thing mostly on Annie's part for being referred to in third person (its a power thing okay, gives me perspective) We love fashion and I'm talking, STREET, HIGH FASHION, BLAH BLAH BLAH.... i hope you are still reading...

WE ARE FROM KENYA!!!! For those readers who don't even know where that is and are still reeling from shock that a little known country has Internet, Its an African nation on the Eastern part of Africa. So sorry all those folks who thought that Africa was a country with Mandela as our president...yes people unfortunately this is a common mistake. For those from this, our esteemed country this is no wannabe blog this is unbelievable stuff, unpredictable stuff... un...un... I have unfortunately run out of 'un's' to use. So my fellow peoples the posts will all be on stuff you can get here!

WE ARE ABOUT being absolutely democratized about fashion but lack tolerance for the Skinny jean Nation. Just so you know there are a million and one ways to wear them, NOT JUST WITH GEEKS!!!!! Disappointed, yeah well that's the vicissitude of life dude get over it.
Disgusted yet,annoyed,plain bored? Then just FOLLOW TO LOOK AT PICTURES! i am serious. Chezza and Annie will be posting pictures of street style that we find interesting, do editorials on fashion themes, whatever the heck we want!  We will have an events calender so make sure we spot you by the way we are not going to show worst dressed, I think the whole country  has had enough of  that. This is not just for girls, if you are a guy and wanna look awesome which you should, read or maybe secretly in the dark and say your sister picked up what you are wearing or Bob?

Here is a taste of what to expect: By posting a few pictures from Blogs we LURVE you will get the gist, my lovelies


The Sartorialist

- Annie

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