26 Oct 2011



I just thought his designs were so beautiful, that I'm not even gonna talk much about them. Those skirts were pretty cool, there's even a mullet one (squirming with delight)!

Isn't the internet just wonderful? There I was on the dinning table in the living room at home avoiding taking a break from physics when that gorilla-on-my-back* feeling crawled in. I didn't know why so I loaded the blog page and it hit me,
Chezza, you haven't spent anytime catching up on African Fashion Week, shame on you! 
Cutting the story short, I found these pictures on shadders.com and I was pleased. No more gorilla! There are many more collections on the site but so far this was my favourite.

* that super annoying nag-y feeling you get when you've forgotten something and you can't really figure out what it is, but it puts you on edge because you're SUPER irritated knowing that that something is important and when you finally remember what it is you feel pretty horrible and it's always too late Yeah, story of my life.

- Chezza

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