23 Oct 2011

On my mind

For everyone about to read this, brace yourselves! There's gonna be relentless, indecisive blabber throughout the rest of this post. Then again it would make me really happy if you continue.

There's no definite date yet but my family is moving!! Sure, technically we've been moving for the last year, but no no no, none of that talk anymore, or else. A month ago we chose the paints we wanted for our bedrooms but after about a day I changed my mind. At the time, I was all about experimenting with new things so I chose a really dark shade of an aqua like green colour* but this time I'm about 99% sure about what I want.

Lesson learned: painting your bedroom is like getting a tattoo, sorta. You're better off picking something you love.

Your making me really happy right about now :)
Among other drawings there has to be a doodle of my Scruffy on that wall, why? because there just does. I couldn't upload the drawing but that cute little bunny was the closest image to a puppy I could find.
I've needed a dress form for the passed two years, but where to get one?
Other than my love for everything Japanese or Masai, I'm in love with the Native American culture! Plus going to Spur as a kid and having a collection of Pocahontas-errthing only fueled that love more!
Ooh, and lastly my wardrobe. It's either going to be an open wardrobe, meaning no doors or there'll be glass on the doors (note to self, no more leaving clothes in huge messy piles). 

Happiness levels have sky-rocketed!! Congratulations you made it to the end! Well, unless you cheated and skipped the whole post till the end expecting some grand finish, START AGAIN YOU!

* I thinks it's official name is...Glatto? Glutton?...oh man I forgot....merde. Well forget that, I love how a deep fuschia would look in comparison, something close to that train thingy behind the girl in the center would be perfect as the primary colour.

PS: Seriously feeling like a loser right now because I completely forgot about the Man City vs Man United match studying away (oh A-level Physics, you hurt me so). Anyone else see it? Friends, we lost, 6 to 1. So much for those happiness levels.

- Chezza

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