20 Oct 2011

Mashujaa Day

As most of you may already know, today's Mashujaa Day, which celebrates all the fighters that died for our freedom.

Across from me is my dad and my sister paying serious attention to Kibaki's walk. He still walks with a limp. I like that he doesn't shy down to address the army on the field or let it hold him back in any way.

Masai bangles: various Masai Markets
Black Swistar Quartz Watch: gift
Red and blue beaded wire bangles: 4U2 
When I was younger I wasn't really aware of my nationality in any way. I remember wanting to be american (probably because of the western-ised shows I'd watch). Even though we don't have the best politicians and what not, I love this country!...and I love being Masai! even though I'm only an eighth Masai and seven eighths Kikuyu and I LOVE this rain! oh yeah, rain, yeah!
Now, time to fix these nails. Ain't it just awesome when your nails are perfect even when your not all dressed up?

Have a lovely day!


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