17 Oct 2011

Africa/Paris Fashion Week

All roads lead to South Africa more over- Johannesburg. If there is one place in Africa that can be defined as the fashion capital of Africa it's SA, I wish Nairobi was like that. Well you know what they say about wishes and horses right? So, I will leave that alone. If i was not in school reading for exams I would have saved a ticket and date to go there! Here is their link. Gosh i cannot wait to see what the designers have to offer- Time to look for SA fashion blogs to update you guys. I love foreign fashion weeks, but a fashion week that understands your climatic seasons and geographical aspects is so... Fashion meeting practicality plus, I have a spot for the under dog.

Africa Fashion Week, 20-22 October 2011

Talking of fashion weeks check out the amazing spring summer 2012 collections. Honestly l will say i loved the dreamy nature of these beautiful designs and i will be shopping for an ''Almost like it'' NOT FAKE okay! Just something that reminds me of it. NEVER BUY FAKE.

Ah, a roman goddess want this lacy print in my closet like Yesterday

Ah, The Valentino Red in its Gothic best

J'adore this look so feminine.

 Marc Jacobs view of Spring Summer was in the same league with the Crafty lace embroidered dresses, dreamy up-dos and lovely pastels

Feather trimming did the trick for me

Pictures from Garance Dore

- Annie

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