16 Oct 2011

Black & White

Black and white, two of my favourite colours never fail me. Let's not forget they're lovechild Grey (ahhh...so classic). Most of the time whenever I hear people talk about grey the word dull comes up quite a few times. But I disagree 156 % ! Grey is beautiful colour, it's so versatile, so simple. If you ask me even the weather excites me when it's all dark and grey. Ooh, I just noticed even right now, I'm wearing my favourite grey shirt (which I got from Toi for 30 bob! YES KES 30 which at the moment is $0.30!)

Back to today's post before I go on and on about how awesome Toi is. Quick inspiration photos for future purchases. Looking at everything here just gives me warm fuzzy feelings inside!

I'll never forget this number by Marina Larroude

Her art and her hair just make this one for me.

Isn't this just the best Streetfsn photo ever. Dude, friggin mid-flight, MID-FLIGHT! (well mid-run but you get the point).
The Sartorialist (after reading this article I'm a lover once more)

Ps: I've been having issues with my laptop (at the moment I'm using the family computer) since the last post but I promise Shutterbug III will be out soon enough.

Happy Sunday everyone :)

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