11 Oct 2011

Shutter Bug 2

I must say that fashion in Kenya has changed DRASTICALLY. People are shying away from mainstream trends and are slowly edging closer to more eclectic, personal style.(Yes, this is a subliminal message) On shutter bug 2, Our mufti-day proved a turning point concerning my ideas of fashion in this country and i must say i am proud. We have managed to create trends for ourselves, (Note the many Maasai bangles the girls had and the slowly emerging ''kanga'' trend on shutter bug 1.) What's more to note is how guys are on this post. The general idea according to fashionistas here is that they[guys] had stopped caring... well, i am just as disillusioned as you are.

Floral Prints are in this summer. The sandals are in too.

Adrian : Harem Pants well worn.

Adrian: Hightops

Eva: Style slightly reminiscent of harajukus. Note the ankle boots and bangle layers

Michelle: The nail polish, the shoes perfect match. Neon/pastel colours are in for the summer. Acid wash Jeans!!!

Michelle, Wambui: Geeks worn in a different way, Refreshing! Nice Earings...hehe

Chezza and Wambui: Floral prints once more. Note the Printed Shift Dress so slinky. Love the mary jane shoes


Floral shoes even, love the detail.


Sandals for Spring/Summer


Alistair: Guys, Plimsoles!

Ted: Now that is punk rock without being mediocre. The hand!

Chezza: The African necklaces are coming back

Chezza and Annie: Preppy Chic, Get... More...Tweed

Hadassah: somehow she is prevalent in our posts. Love the coloured locks note the nail polish - Pastel!

So Rad we should have another, Wait, Watch for Shutter Bug 3. Its not over till... nope not appropriate :)
Have a good one, Day that is Have a good day... Huh, Whatever.
The end.

 - Annie


  1. cool blog! :) (ktk)

  2. Thanks spread the word ktk and we will keep you posted!

  3. lovely pictography :)

  4. Why, thank you kind person. Happy reading!

  5. My sister linked me to your blog and I LOVE!!!

    Wacera... the skirt + that blazer, YES.
    Annette, proper preppy! Absoluv.

    I love that things are changing and people aren't doing cookie-cutter style any more.


  6. HI Angel!! Thankyou for you're insight we love that you recognized the revolution we are trying to begin back here. You're blog is pretty cool we will link it to our page, so free advertising!
    Keep you posted!