11 Oct 2011

Shutterbug I

So last weekend nether of us could attend the fashion market, how sad yeah? Things just came up then I got sick, anyway so last week Friday was Mufti-Day in school. Well, not really, but yeah. Anyway Annie and I were pleasantly surprised by the number of people that - I don't want to say looked good, let's just say there was something we liked about them.
We grouped them up into editions. Here it goes, In the beginning there were these:



This here's my sister, Wanjira. Sista love!

Anyone take note of the edge of her fron toe cap is missing? Our dog ate it.

This s Harriet. Funky shoe-lace combos are for the youth. I think I'll try this out sometime.

Our friend Rukia from school. And yes she is just as cool as her name!


About a week ago, right before a leadership training meeting outside of school I sat on gum. Yup I sat on gum... in skinny white cotton trousers. So, like the super quick thinker I am, I survey the surrounding area for anything helpful and in the distance what do I see? My sister with a kanga on her shoulder. Luckily she was having those one of those really rare good days and she passed it on to me (thank you Wanjira). Anyway I tied it around my waste like Knicco has above. After looking in the mirror I thought it looked pretty cool. I think this could pick on. It's really easy-breezy you know like for one of those days, you know, those days. I've only so far seen this worn with skinny pants but I love the idea of a bright kanga with plain white shorts.

Liquid Smoke
By the way, for everyone we took pictures of sorry for the delay, but it was worth it yeah? Hell YEAH!
Have a lovely day!

- Chezza

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  1. OMG!!! Kylie looks so androgynous! I LOVE IT!

    And SOMEBODY is going to have to point me in the direction of those heeled brogues. They are the bizness!!! :)

    Lol at my brother's shoes.

    This Knicco girl should model. HOW GORGEOUS! And effortlessly so! :)

    Ok, I'm done spamming your comments :)