4 Nov 2011

Black and White (or both)

African Fashion week in South Africa.... Ok Ok I will get down to it. Honestly who knew blogging was so hard, I started a post like this a while back but gave up... Don't look at me like that, its hard work keeping track of all those designers. Well here goes...

The fashion week was not at all that far from previous fashion week trends. There was sheer, sheer, sheer, oh and also the minimalist trend, with models strutting down the runway with barely there make up and fly away hair... Paris fashion week anyone? The difference came in the colours where, European fashion focused on Sugary pastels, Bold colours  made their statement here, Black and white were undoubtedly one of the favourites.          

Designer: Tart
Alexander Koutny
Designer: Alexander Koutny
Designer: Soucha
Gloria Wavamunno
Designer: Gloria Wavamuno

Enough of that we get the point. I love the edge in this designs something I have been missing in our runways... Hint hint *ahem...ahem*
Black in summer and sheer enough not to make you sweat, now that's my summer. Like Chezza, I do favour the monochrome. The spring whites followed in suite of the black trend with loose and airy outfits floating down the runway with spring-like innocence

Kluk CGdT
Designer: KluK CGdT
Designer: Bisma

Maki Oh
Designer: Maki Oh

Then the monochrome trend which was my favourite, structured or loose? Or both?

Laquan Smith
Designer: Laquan Smith
Designer: Jacob Kimmie
Thula Sindi
Designer: Thula Sindi
Pictures from AFI site. There, you can see the full collections

Well, I think I have extensively covered three trends for you my dearies, for the spring and summer season. Be sure to stick around to see the other trends around (My fault that all this work has built up) and my all time favourite brands of the African Fashion week season!
                                                                           - Annie

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