5 Nov 2011

Colour me Silly!

African Fashion is never what its title suggests if it lacks prints, bold colours and some ethnicity. The African Fashion week had its fair share of these identifying factors. Remember the black and white trend post? Well it this time it was a colour affair, structured and fitting. So what did our designers do? Well, they mixed up modern trends and added a flirty African twist to their collections... Awesome!
 Note The Shoes - Nude is in, I am talking about the shoes there people!

Designer: Christie Brown
Kiki Clothing
Designer: Kiki
Designer: Intisaar
Bunmi Koko
Designer: Bunmi Koko
Taibo Bacar
Designer: Taibo Bacar

Poofy skirts, poofy sleeves, African accented print shirts... Trend alert!

 Haute Coture  is not only meant to grace only well known high fashion runways, and I loved Soucha for bringing that dramatic element... well it was always there, they just brought it out more. Can I just state how much I love Arabic anything? Then I saw this... SOLD! I would walk around like this.
The airy swathed models brought out such mystery and power to their looks and I was so in 17th century Arabia.
In LOVE!!!
Reminisce - Valentino SS 2012
Ahh, the headdress
Want accessories like yesterday, detail is key!
Loving the silhouette ! 
Pictures AFI for full collections.

I - must- stop. This was honestly my favourite collection and i will keep an eye on this brand Forever. Well Fashion week thus comes to a close in tears, well at least in my eyes. I appreciate all the designers for their craftsmanship and artistry, this was by far my favourite fashion week and i look forward to next year!
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