30 Nov 2011

Safe House

So, lately Annie and I have been so busy with school (curse you pre-mocks!) which is eating away at blogging time. We tested out the dynamic view: for the first hour I liked then from then on it just went down the drain. Ooh and the title font changed too, the last one was a bit too grainy. One more thing Annie walked through a riot! Yes a flipping angry mob kind of riot! If you watched the local news last week, you probably the Kawangware riots that were going on outside our school! At the time I didn't have my camera but from the rooftop you could see everything and hear the chants, all of it. That has to be one of the most surreal things I've ever seen and I'm not even the one who had to walk through the chaos.

Moving on to today's post... For a long while now I've been interested in architecture. In fact I remember building forts and houses for my barbies with books and VCR's from back in the day. Though I've got mixed feelings about picking it up as a career, unless I could figure out how to manage studying fashion and architecture AND interior design...hmmm...
Anyway there's one house that spoke to the inner 12-year old boy in my head the last time I was looking at cabbagerose. If ever there were one of those apocalyptic viruses (like in Resident Evil) turning people into zombies (like in Resident Evil) this guy would be perfectly safe (like in Resident Evil) isn't that annoying?  Plus he's practically got a gargantuan TV screen AND a drawbridge to the pool, ahhh, awesome house is awesome!

The basic shape is quite simple really, it's just a steel cube, yet it manages to look so cool, if this house were a car on the Top Gear board thingy it would be in the sub-zero section.

- Chezza

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