2 Dec 2011

Boho,Vintage,Retro - Cool!

So as you know, or not, its possible both ways, I, Annie, is into film more than anything else...except fashion and using ellipses. So why am I telling you this? One, I'm  blogger Two, I am shooting my first movie!!! of course I cannot tell you what it's about someone out there could steal my stuff (Yes that is how confident I am in my craft) but I tell you this, it will not be devoid of fashion.
Here is a well copy pasted look book for the fashion theme.

luize5a Luize Salmgrieze by Alice Rosati for <em>Glamour Spain</em>
The Vintage look.
wang xiao6 Wang Xiao by Jeff Hahn for <em>SCMP Style Magazine</em>
The nail polish adds a welcome twist.

 Pictures all from Fashion gone rogue

The ''diamond in the rough'' thing is such a huge trend cause its so boundary breaking and really allows you to do what you want, that's why I love it! Something about style makes you look so freaking cool! If done correctly it also tells a story - what I'm saying is that when you wear this, you can pretty much say you're totally mysterious hee hee!
Shopping List
Leather/ Denim Jackets ( Thrift markets - Toi is your best bet)
Metallic accessories (Mr Price Stores)
Neon Polish (Flormar Polish at any Nakumat Supermarket outlet - get both white and green it makes the colour pop! I'll post a DIY on this)
Simple T- Shirt, preferably white
Huge Sun glasses, preferably vintage ones, that is, if they remind you of the 50's and 70's... in a good way. (Toi or Mr. Price)
Wicked Hairstyle
Intense pose! Yay!

Can't wait to start filming my indie flick!

 Keep you posted! (Finally! found my new catchphrase to sign out)
- Annie