8 Dec 2011

Gypsies and Caravans

There is no question that I am in love with Vintage clothing. Remember when I talked about starting a vintage collection? No, I don't mean designing one, I am no designer like Chezza  (in case you did not know) I was talking about vintage items I intend to hunt for. For some reason, they are not stocked in the mainstream shops, that means thrift shopping is how I have to go about this. But Vintage accessories can be found at mainstream stores like Mr. Price, Truworths, 4U2 and the like.

With vintage, I see it almost as if it has different genres within the genre like Rock music so here is one vintage look I am loving - The Gypsies

The tulle skirt and the earthy browns paired with the gold accessories, wispy. Try a nude pallet this summer  very... Gypsy
Lust for life