21 Dec 2011

Hair (updated)

No cleverly punned title or smart way to say it. Today's post is exactly just that: Hair, more specifically natural hair.
I've been obsessing over natural hair the last couple of days. The last time I had natural hair I was 7 and it was up to my mum to look after it. I'm dying to try it out, make the commitment (could this be a possible new years resolution?? CHALLENGE...pending...)
But you see, commitment's the problem. At the moment, my hair is relaxed and I'm really REALLY lazy when it comes to my hair. Don't think I take it for granted or abuse it or anything like that, it's just sometimes I won't comb my hair for three days and not be bothered by it (could this post be anymore embarrassing?!).
I like imagining what this head of straightened hair would look like all natural and curly. Annie has this natural beautiful head of hair (which is usually braided most of the time) and the way she maintains it? Magic. The last time I caved and reached out to touch it, it felt like cotton-candy baby hair!

Update: Here's a better picture of what my hair currently looks like. 
In my family our house is like a village. At first your taking simple shots of yourself for a hair post on your blog then out of nowhere, BAM! One of the little villagers pounces like a little rabid cat.

A few of the pictures I've saved for inspiration:
Google | Google | Streetpeeper | Kurly Kichana
So far I wouldn't know what natural hair would really be like without Kurly Kichana. Other than the fact that you really get proper insight into hair care, the up's and downs of it all AND transitioning WITHOUT cutting it all off (yes all that good stuff!), the best part about it is....suspense.....drum roll.....more suspense.... it's Kenyan!! OH YEAH, KENYAN YEAH!

Have a lovely Sunday!
- Chezza

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