10 Mar 2012

As promised...

Annie's out at the Fashion Market....Meanwhile, I'm knee deep in nuclear physics. It's time for a break, a break much deserved!

Last week around 5pm, I had had it up to here (gesturing the top of my head) with my camera laptop issues. Argh! ...So I covertly took my sisters cellular device and ran out to see the babies! Like a Boss.
I think it has a 2-megapixel camera so excuse it's ancient technology. behold ladies and gentlemen, PUPPIES!!

Is it too early to pick a favourite?
Quick fact I just experienced, stressed out? get puppies. Ready to be cuddled at all times and small enough for storage. Seriously keep one in your purse, have one in the glove box and one in your pencil case.
I kid, I kid.
Dude, any serious anime fans out there? Apparently Bleach will end this month on the 27th. Yeah, my heart broke too. OH WHY?!

- Chezza

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