13 Mar 2012

About the Gentleman

So fashion market....

I so did not end up going, i really have to tell Chezza that, i was so busy !!

So we have mocks in school and i am stuck in a creative rut until i saw Kenya's top designers making a statement out there for us. I am talking about the Arise Magazine fashion week. I saw Kaveke's work and Patricia Mbela (who Chezza had the opportunity of working under, how many people can say that?) Any way i really like how Kaveke focused on Menswear this time. The prints, the bold colour and those blazers!! I was speechless. We rarely see menswear from our designers, so i was pleasantly surprised.

That manbag!!

I want that blazer

the shoes...

Pics from Fashion Notebook
Oh African prints, people are beginning to take notice. I love how Kaveke incorporated this seasons hottest colour ORANGE and created a rustic- ish/ colourful line.
I cant wait to see who's found wearing this line, my money's on the ever fashionable Nick Mutuma.

Well i have to go read literature so,

Keep you posted !
- Annie

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