14 Mar 2012

OH so nice.

Ok... So, now that i am stalking The Arise Magazine Fashion week in Lagos, I just have to show you guys some Designers that really struck a chord. Kenya should have one of these events!

First lets just say I am obsessed with Maki Oh, I should totally do a designer diaries on her one day. I loved her work ever since I saw her designs during the Fashion week in South Africa last year, and I mean I was sold, sold, sold,
At Arise though i am her freaking fashion slave, just check out her the earthy tones and silk, lace creations and i love how they start of very "normal" and then BAM!! the unexpected, who doesn't love surprises? You just gotta love OH!

Cinched in, fit right, its like femininity rebirthed.

1940's anyone?

Then..... BAM!!!

Look at those hemlines!

Pics from Arise Magazine

See what I mean?
She's just so daring, and i love how she took the Sheer trend and incorporated it in to her work. Who said Africans have no style?

What do you think about this collection?

Keep you posted!


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