21 Mar 2012

Last of the Summer Wine

Lovely Pepa

So, awkward moment when you post about Summer when spring comes calling, I know, it has not yet rained but give it sometime I mean the sky is already grey.
Also give it sometime before fashion nightmares start cropping up. i don't know why, but spring always brings the worst in people here, like who the heck puts paper bags on their heads when its raining?!!!

What are we doing in spring?
 Femininity is back in a big way on runways the androgynous female was lacking and was replaced by Sheer, lace, feminine silhouettes and lovely prints(remember Burberry Prorsum's African prints?)
Here is what African Designers did

And who did feminine better than the sixties?

Elle Russia
Studded Hearts

Shopping Cart

  1. Cat eye sunnies
  2. Pastel cocktail rings
  3. A vintage dress in pastel 
  4. Peep toe heels
  5. Copious amounts of eye-liner

Super girly, I know but who says you can't get these in monochrome? I love White, black and Grey so much.

What's in your spring shopping cart?

Keep you posted!
- Annie