23 Mar 2012

The inevitable high school dance

Chloe wears cheerleading outfit and crown, Petra's own.
Prom queen

Wow, I have just completed an exam paper that damn near killed me and I don't want to think about it so I'm blogging, that's the beauty of life.
I really so stuffed that the only thing i am thinking about now fashion wise is prom
Ah... prom what can I say... well nothing except that this will be Chezza's and i's last prom in high school before we leave for the big U (university)
So i came across this images in Rookie Mag that made me want to think of starting a series for Prom cause June is prom month in BNC schools this side of the hemisphere at least i think its a hemisphere...

Should Silly little freaks really do it?

Lets just figure that out by looking at this nostalgic sort of eerie- ish pics from Rookie. BTW just read Rookie cause its awesome and honest.

Petra and Feli wear dresses from Naughty Mess Vintage, collars from the Drake General Store, shoes from 69 Vintage, and American Apparel socks.

Love the lace accents they are big this year so it shouldn't be random if they are on a prom dress

Aurora wears Zara dress and sweater from 69 Vintage. Fox and Jacob wear their own suits.


 the mysteries of the girls bathroom...


Sean wears pins from the Drake General Store.

Love her vintage vibe

Yum so lovely, it just makes you think, i think about the Virgin Suicides movie, Marie Antoinette the Kirsten Dunst one (somehow) and the incredible style of the era I lived in in another life... the 60's and. Last prom was awesome but my hair misbehaved despite my efforts of putting it in a lovely 60's up-do, I ended up looking like Cruella DeVille at the end of the night... maybe I should share those pics with you? Not the Cruella looking ones, not even if you paid me people.

Keep you posted!
- Annie

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