1 Apr 2012

Designer Diaries: Phillip Lim

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to enter a designers mind, take a peek inside their world? Well, I do. Sometimes when you see pictures from the show (because let's face it how many times are we invited to runway shows?) you kinda get the feeling you know where they were coming from. Then there's the other times when you see there work and it's like BAMM!! What the hell was that and why do I freaking LOVE it so much?!

That whole intro was really just a build up for me to say Phillip Lim is amazing. More amazing than the perfect sammich. He worked hard to get where he is now, like many other reputable designers, but the one thing that gets to me the most, is how he gets it  right each and every single time. There is no perfect collection but no joke, I feel something for every piece.

Pre-Fall 2012
SS2012 Menswear
FW2012 RTW
Dude I have to stop this crazy infatuation with apparel and revive my love life outside fashion with actual people... Nah.
Anyone pull off any good pranks?

Images via Google and style.com
- Chezza

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