24 Apr 2012

JUNE 15... Hello, Goodbye

Renee Gruau :Sourced from Google

To all our loyal followers and readers, don't freak out but listen.... Chezza and Annie have Exams (final high school  Exams) in a few weeks meaning blogging will have to take a back seat.

But don't fret dears, we are not quitting because well... we just are not and this is so much fun we will be back in June, June 15 to be exact with bigger better and more in depth stuff on the fashion scene because we will actually be able to attend them take pictures and hopefully have iphones... note hopefully. Remember its only a hiatus.

So cheers to you, keep visiting the page and catch all the posts you missed!

Renee Gruau: Sourced from Google

Till then Ladies and Gentlemen,

Keep it fashion Savvy
Until we meet again

xx Annie and Chezza

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