28 May 2012

Freaks at The Fashion Show...Too legit

The Eastland Hotel

So yeah, i was tech challenged and a bit lazy so the last post emulated exactly what was in my uninspired mind so i will redo this post for my peace of mind. The first was a wreck dudes. So what exactly inspired me? My Picasa just updated and it's so fun... Oh, the trivial things that make me happy, especially since i think my mind is stuck in another era that does not have internet, C'mon what other explanation do you have apart from insinuating that i should have probably paid more attention in Computer Classes? I know there are some of you out there with this exact problem.

Blah Blah, here is the Fashion Show i attended for the Mcensal Grad students/ Kiini, and as i said before, it was so awesome and fun and that really should be the essence of fashion.

 Backstage: The Calm The Chaos

 All the Pretty People: Before the Show Began

The Show:

Mutheu Mecka: Sunshine in Garment

Shiru Muriu: Red Riding Hood with a Swahili Twist

Brianna Kisia: Ancient Indian City built on a rock

Neema Walove: Dinosaurs!!!

Potential Couturer much? Me thinks so too :)
Christine 'CJ' Murage: Water and Earth Elements

Thunguri Wanjiru: Idea of Heaven
The Big Finale

 The Close Up/ Meet and Greet

I love this stunning number by Shiru.

Look who we Found: Connie Aluoch (left) Stylist Extraordinaire and her lovely Friends
Getting carried away by the red carpet Brianna Kisia, Beraccah Kisia and Mwa!

Christine ''CJ'' Murage

Model off duty

 Ok, that is probably the worlds longest post right, however thank you for bearing with me the picutre happy addict that i am.
I would really like to thank the school for the backstage all access, it was friggin amazing i loved everything especially the way Designers focused on presentation, it was well organized and the models were Legit and really nice. I cannot wait for these lovely ladies to go big because they are obviously past potential. Congratulations Mcensal School.
 Well till June 15th,


  1. Very intersting! follow each other darling?:X


    1. Dude your blog is so cool! i love your style so inspired and yup, following!