1 Jul 2012

Frosty, Fiesty: Keeping Warm

So the other day i busted ice gathering at the back of the sofa, yep its become that cold, so what are the rest off us meant to do if the weather is insistent on freezing us all to death?

Ans: spend your life in a Java restaurant

We are in the tropics for sakes so trust me when i say about half of the populations wardrobe is made out of shorts, skirts, vests and lightweight hosiery as the sun is killer. I mean i went shopping last weekend and thrifter stalls were selling sundresses... really really!!! The sun is not till AUGUST.

So of course i hit the blogs- here are some inspirations for the lost souls for how to keep warm in Cold Weather

Get scarves and head wraps- Scarves go for like 20 bob and the wraps can be bought in material form from Maasai Market, Toi Market. Jus wrap 'em and work 'em

Also Get Jacketed and Get Sweatered, they can be knitted, printed, Leather, polo necks plus the seasons trend sees them come mostly in the form of pastels or for the guys they are more broody and demure with Blacks and Greys, Browns and all

Its always much warmer in androgyny, so go for stuff that's collared, a huge trend this year. The more pronounced the collar the more style. They can be peter pan or tipped(like uniform) with all sorts of embellishments. I prefer them sheer and laced. 

If you are tired of boring Jeans, maxi skirts, not dresses which have been abused to death, would be a good idea. Pair them up with a collared shirt a head wrap and a jacket and voila! your done!

Oh wait don't forget your Boots but forget about tucking them in your jeans, that is so 5 years ago, if you have to, please let them be ankle boots. They are more edgier these days so go for statement pieces with studs, faux fur and chunky heels. Combat boots are quite the fad so invest in a pair or just go to Bata and buy them there.

Ps. don't forget stockings, or socks. They are patterned and coloured, thick-ish but warm, pair them with flats, mary-jane pumps or boots with a shift dress(so sixties) or a long shirt.

OK. i hope this helps beat the cold,

Keep warm and I will keep you posted!

Pics from Vintage Virgin,


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