3 Jul 2012


You know how when you discover a blog you just might like you go through roughly 100% of the posts? No? Well, I do that all the time like a crazy fashion-psycho-stalker-person. It's official, after stalki...er, following Ivania Carpio's blog LOVE AESTHETICS, for the past who knows how long, I've been thinking about how brilliant one single human being could be. Today as usual I was looking at latest post, splattered nails. And it hit me, it hit me hard. She has the best DIY's ever, period. Take a look at her blog if you don't believe me.

PS: I couldn't come up with a title befitting for her genius, so I chose Clean. I like clean.

- Chezza


  1. I love those fingernails! <3 Thanks for following! followed you via gfc, bloglovin, fb and pinterest. :)

    ellie x

  2. Ah! Thought I was the only Ivania Carpio fan within a 10mile radius.. I love her clean style esp the sweatshirt looks and perspex DIY's.. She's beyond amazing

  3. I love how minimalist and creative she is :)