6 Jul 2012

Party like its July

Ah, its JULY Nairobi, that means the rave scene is going to get flooded with events every where you look mostly EDM's... I think that I may have aged prematurely because I would rather stay home and watch movies rather than be out there; i'm a film head its practically a behavioral requirement... I think*

Back to it, when I do manage to go out, as a fan of practicality, I really just have flats, throw on a vest/shirt and shorts/jeans. Wow I can see you yawn in delight of this exciting combo though it really is bearable I mean have you ever been somewhere on your feet for 3 hours plus? Let me break it down for you darlin' , if you are no Victoria Beckham and her a billion inch shoes, do not attempt this it will kill... Your Sole (pun intended)

So i figured i should do a party style thing to save girls who risked it all and are looking for other options, we've all been there -GO HIPSTER

Party like its July

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