27 Jul 2012

Zambarau Spring Lookbook 2012


Here are the just released pictures from a shoot styled by... THIS BLOG of course and it was surreal so tell a friend dude that we really are just that awesome, no need for applause, really :)

The client was jewelry house Zambarau (call 0721954235 to place an order) and they make handmade couture accessories. Zambarau's work is like an unexpected cinematic twist in a movie and a welcome one at that; Nairobi everyday fashion is serious and black especially in the spring when its so cold which at times can be boring but, these items add that explosive twist into your spring wardobe. Spring fashion has really embraced colour and rightly so, I cannot walk anywhere without bright flowers and butterflies decorating the streets, it really is a beautiful season. I am already making orders.

Working with Maria (Creative Director, Zambarau) made us realize that Zambarau really is statement fashion at its best!

 Photographers: Rowena and Reumac. https://www.facebook.com/JustNailanteiPhotographyHair and Make-up: Silly Little Freakshttp://sillylittlefreaks.blogspot.comSupport/ crew: Bella, Ellam (Dr. Ill Will) , Mwai, Makena and Jacob SolomonCall 0721954235 to place an order today :)

Find the rest of the looks on Facebook Here  it leads you straight to Zambarau's page where you can indulge in more of their pieces.

 Keep you posted!

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