3 Aug 2012

Children of Summer

The most ironic thing is that July - August holidays are referred to as Summer... BIG JOKE! 

I have frozen religiously for the past two months but hey, you cannot control hormonal weather jacked up on global warming but I am out to prepare for summer.

Just as predicted by the Coca Cola Ads that "when the world is grey, Africa is vibrant', its going to be a FRYING PAN in a matter of months until Mid February and Chezza and I should know just how hot it will be due to the less than comfortable situation we were in when we had to don our all black uniform in school...  tough times, tough times...

On that note, we graduated from school (wooooh!!) so that means we have more time to be children of summer ie. we get to wear no more uniform and use clothes we racked up!!!

Here is my inspiration for summer, the Prada 2012 Spring /Summer Lookbook. I love how its represented in fantastical mixed media; it feels nostalgic, almost cinematic in character like a summer story... Whimsical!



Pics from: MYFDBlog
Couldn't you just die?! Or maybe I am just sensitive to this because I finished watching season 3 of Mad Men, I mean this lookbook has some American sentiment, in a very 60's way.  The prints, florals, pastels and silhouettes, classic feminine but, I love how they have been placed side by side with classic cars toughening up the look.. just a bit.
Ps, I am in love the quirky shoes.
My summer inspiration, what's yours?

Keep you Posted!


  1. Love it, can't wait to see what you do next! Come check out my blog, maybe we can follow each other!
    Material Fixations

  2. Right? Prada is such an inspiration!

  3. first: congratulations on finishing school! second: those collages are freaking amazing! like everyone and their mother, i'm also lusting heavily after most of this collection, it's such a strong vision. miuccia is the BOMB! anyways, i like your blog - from its title to your fun aesthetic and your writing style, so i just followed you on bloglovin'! good luck with the blog girls! xx

  4. Thanks, "very insightful comments!" as my Literature teacher used to say. I wonder, Prada should have a Flag...