6 Aug 2012

Peeling Back The Skirts


Yes, I had to jump on this bandwagon.

I know some of you are wondering what this means, well, a few weeks ago a Girls School protested over what they deemed UGLY UNIFORMS; they complained that their skirts were too long. Seriously, they were, I am talking Ankle Length.

Most of my readers are American so I have to go on and say that I live in Kenya, it was once a Brit colony so a lot of what we do here is Brit, meaning almost everyone has a school uniform. I have been to catholic school, boarding school and finally a British System school and have practically worn uniform my whole life, first it was tartan skirts, sky blue skirts(yikes!) then navy/ black trousers, the latter making us all look like we were caterers.

I have to applaud these girls because in the end their skirts were shortened but, crap hit the fan when the minister of Education mentioned that girls should wear short skirts... he never said mini just short! Of course there was outrage as most of the education system here is largely controlled by religious clerics and our country is mainly patriarchal but I say, THANK YOU minister! You are revolutionary

I have never understood why school administrations should make girls look matronly and boring in their wear, if they did not realize, these uniforms are what most girls and guys wear  and since its an everyday thing, we should at least be allowed to feel comfortable wearing it shouldn't we? Besides, if someone is comfortable aren't they more happier and more productive in their work? Students are not robots, they are people too and their opinions should be taken into consideration.

Anyway for those who find their uniforms boring, here are a few pointers taken from the most stylish student of all Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl.

1. The headband, wear it in black/ white to avoid attention

2. A scarf Black, Grey or Navy Blue and Stockings

3. Gloves, they are never in the rule books

4. Flats or flat shoes with a buckle on them; Patent leather is chic or if you're daring, go Brogue and Bedazzled

5. A skinny belt over your trousers or skirt

6. A large black tote bag on occasion

7. If you have to wear your hair back try an up-do with Hair accessories and a few loose strands

8. If it works for you roll up your socks, works with knee length socks and a skirt above the knee

Yup, I think i got you the back to school help you need, don't wear the items all at once but choose pairs... Look smart students, its part of the curriculum whether they admit it or not.
Keep you posted!

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