21 Sep 2012

A little nonsense

I'm sorry little blog of mine. I didn't mean to abandon you. My mind has been suffocating me. I'm one of those people who freaks out when things don't go according to plan and I'm also one of those people that worries a lot. Well, for the passed two months nothing has being going as planned and the life I envisioned I would have is still just out of reach. That makes me worry. At one point it was so bad I didn't want to do ANYTHING. I got so filled up with doubt that I became numb.

Urgh, yuck, I hate to sound so fragile and sad. In real life I like guns, hockey and I just restarted Modern Warfare 3 on the hardened level, by the way. I'm no softy.

Back to le post. So today I was going through my unread posts on Bloglovin and I wound up reading this. You need to read it too to understand the rest of this post. As I was saying, whenever I'm really down, a tiny voice in my head (Crazy? nooooo) always tells me that I'm in control of how I feel. After reading though the page these words stuck with me, "I can choose.

Fast forward to how I feel now: 
I'm going to take control and get shit together. 
The posters from Good Fucking Design Advice are exactly what I mean.

No more disgusting sadness and crippling doubt. It's time to bounce back into the SLF rhythm. Some of these self help tid-bits actually work, they're not just for old people.
...And to the part of me that doubts this new attitude, F*** YOU.

Ps: They have a really cool pledge too. 
Pps: This post has the most amount of cursing in any post we've ever done.

- Chezza

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