23 Sep 2012


The other day while going through this months Elle I had an epiphany. Last week I had a dream about some boots I really REALLY want. They're actually a mans shoe from my parents shop (they own a shoe shop in Karen). They kinda look like the picture below but with a gold buckle around the elastic and they're made of your typical not so patent black leather.

I think this is from Style by Kling

For so long I've been infatuated with heels, that I tend to overlook practicality. Seeing as how I walk almost everywhere that didn't make much sense. Here's a little bit of what runs through my head before "investing" in a pair of shoes.

Flats/ Low-heel: If you leave without them, you're going to hate yourself later.

Wedges: Dude they're wedges, sold!

Heels (6inches and beyond): Merde, I NEED those. How much? ...You're not going to be mobile, but you know, who cares? Mobility is soooo 2010. You look sexy! ...Totally worth it!
Now to convince everyone else...

The more mature I become  (my gosh, I'll be 19 in a week!) the more I prefer simple pointed toe flats, leather sandals and manly boots. Alexander Wang's Ines Oxfords and Kori boots from a couple seasons back are exactly what I love right now. Ooh, and my favourite heels at this exact moment, those Valentino studded kitten heels that were everywhere on the internet.

How is all this related to the article on Elle? It was about flat shoes and how cool they are again. I don't care much for what's "in" but reading that was a big reassurance that it's okay to wear flat shoes, they're almost as cool as those heels you can barely walk in.

SS 2013
 3.1 Phillip Lim | Simone Rocha | Victoria Beckham
Vogue, Style.com 

Ps: Don't get me wrong, I LOVE heels, but right now we're on a break.
- Chezza

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