26 Sep 2012

Another post about shoes and one bag

As I've said before, I'd die for anything clear.

Simone Rocha's brogues are perfect. Slightly different from seasons passed but her aesthetic is generally the same.

(20 more points for the flat revolution!)

The same goes for those cute shopper bags.

Simone Rocha SS 2013
I heard some comments about how in terms of keeping your belongings private, maybe this (the bag on the right) wouldn't be so safe in populated public areas. To some extent I agree, but shouldn't this be just as safe as holding your wallet and phone in your hand (except they're suspended by your knee)? then again how safe is that anyway?
If I could actually afford the clear bag, I think I would carry it empty. Sure, the whole point of having a bag is to stuff it with stuff, but it looks so bloody good and pure as it is.

Ps: I loved all the white perforated materials but for some reason, lately, I've been more attracted to the accessories of this season as compared to the actual clothes.

- Chezza

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