19 Oct 2012

Blogs: Pamba Boma

Pamba Boma! I like that name. Try saying that 20 times, 8 times as fast.
While stalking my friends on facebook researching on local design blogs I came across Pamba Boma which is an interior design blog (how exciting eh?). According to their website, 'Pamba Boma' is Swahili for ‘decorate your home’*

I think I went through every single post when it loaded. Don't even get me started on how the blog has been lighter of hope for our new house. Why do did we lose hope in the house, ? I shall explain in another post.

Another reason I like Pamba Boma is because of their organised and local directory. As Kenyans we tend to look these pictures and think we'll never find what we see or interior decor is for the super wealthy. My parents do it too, so I put myself was placed in charge of our home decor. Seriously, that way of thinking; kill it, with fire. All it requires is determin

Ooh, and they have lots of DIY inspiration.

* I don't understand. First of all, isn't 'pamba' cotton? Anyway, I'm not exactly a swa expert.
Have a lovely Friday!!
- Chezza


  1. Wacera, pamba is not cotton... blog friend Annie :)

  2. Welcome to Pamba Boma again and again! Thanks for blogging about us. We are glad to be an inspiration to you.

  3. Sure thing :) Please don't ever stop what you're doing, I'm sure you help out a tonne of people searching for inspiration!