22 Oct 2012

You need a Fashion Shower

Anna Dello Russo is Queen. Period.

Therefore, I would like to thank Chezza for introducing me to her highness' style, Chezza I hereby owe you a pair of shoes...(Just keep it on your wish list *tee hee*)

In this short clip through a series of very interesting (read very Anna) fashion lessons, Anna advertises her collabo collection of wonderfully gaudy accessories for H&M and you know what? I LOVE IT!! After watching this I just wanted to run, dance and throw my wardrobe away because its too bland (mild brainwash might be the cause of these spontaneous delusions) and I think a Dello Russo accessory should be a staple... (Insert face that realizes you may need to save here)

I'll have a fashion shower over here QUICK!

Keep you posted!

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